Running your templates in XpressDox Cloud is quick and easy.  Just follow these simple steps.
1) Register an XpressDox Cloud Account
  1. Click Register to get your free trial account now.
  2. Complete the short registration form.
  3. Your XpressDox Cloud login details will be emailed to you within minutes.
  4. Click here to get the latest version of XpressDox Desktop.

2) Upload your existing templates to the Cloud
  • There are 2 ways to upload your templates to the XpressDox Cloud.
  • Using the XpressDox Cloud Manager launched from the button in the XpressDox Microsoft® Word Add-In (Fig.1).
  • You can create, edit and save your documents to the cloud on Microsoft Word
  • You can manage your cloud files on Microsoft word
  • You can manage your folder structure on Microsoft word

3) Run your templates in the Cloud. Same Template, same Interview.
  • Login to XpressDox Cloud to run your templates via the Internet from anywhere.
  • Select a template from the list of uploaded templates.
  • You are presented with the same familiar interview.
  • You can now take advantage of the web commands. E.g. SendWebEmail.
4) Integrate the interview into your own web site 
  • Upload the template solution to the cloud.
  • Copy and paste the integration code from the cloud.
  • Here a full detailed link to help you fully integrate your website.